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Marriage Certificate Attestation from Angola Embassy

IFINITYGRO is one of the trusted companies for the collection and submission of Marriage certificate attestation from the Angola Embassy in New Delhi, India. We assist with the state HRD attestation, MEA attestation, and embassy legalization for your India-issued documents to be used in Angola country. Get through with us for a genuine and excellent attestation services from Angola Embassy.

When a person is planning go to Angola country with his/her family. Marriage Certificate needs to be attested by the Angola Embassy or Consulate present in India for family visa or dependent visa. We render all the information about the Angola attestation process in a precious way through call or email, so please contact our IFINITYGRO query department as soon as possible.

There are two types of legalization processes for Angola country for marriage certificate:
Quicker process and another one is overlong process. Both the processes are mentioned below: —
Quicker process:-

Marriage certificate attestation process for Angola

  1. Marriage certificate Notarization from New Delhi.
  2. Authentication by the SDM / Sub-Divisional Magistrate, New Delhi.
  3. Marriage Certificate Attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi (MEA) in India
  4. Finally, Marriage Certificate Legalization from the Angola Embassy, New Delhi in India.

How much time to take marriage certificate attestation from the Angola Embassy?

Maximum embassies take 7 to 10 working days. Notarization, SDM, and MEA attestation take two working days after that time depending on the Angola Embassy, New Delhi in India.

Overlong process for marriage certificate attestation from Angola Embassy, New Delhi

  1. Marriage certificate Authenticate by the state education department (HRD / department of higher education) HRD attestation takes 30 to 35 working days buy you.
  2. Attestation from ministry of external affairs, New Delhi (MEA) in India. Time takes two working days.
  3. Finally, Marriage certificate legalization from the Angola Embassy, New Delhi in India. The time depends on the embassy.
What are the documents required for a Marriage certificate attestation for Angola country?
  1. Original Marriage certificate
  2. Clear Passport Copy (1st, last, and passport officer signed page) of the husband and wife both.